Could you be one of our Portfolio CEOs?

We've developed a rigorous process to recruit a talented and ambitious pool of Portfolio CEOs who have founded or lead growth-oriented companies.

Following selection, they focus on the most important ‘Asks’ they have for our Connectors, actions that would greatly improve their probability of entrepreneurial success. They are coached to present to a targeted group of Connectors, who can then suggest which of their contacts could be genuinely useful. All introductions are carefully tracked.

We also make sure all of our 50 current Portfolio CEOs form connections with each other to build long-term strategic networks within our community and to return to Portfolio Events to both report on their business progress, and introduce new Asks. 

Our numerous Alumni CEOs, who have successfully exited their business or gone on to other careers, often become powerful role models to everyone in the Heads Over Heels community, as well as influential Connectors in their own right. 

Heads Over Heels Portfolio CEOs

Presented November 2018

Jacqui Nelson

Presented February 2020

Emma Lo Russo

Presented October 2014 and
November 2019

Tania Jolley

Presented September 2019

Veronica Bilkova

Presented June 2014 and June 2015

Sarah Russell

Presented November 2019

Jenny O'Neill

Presented March 2017

Carola Jonas

Presented February 2020

Sharon Nouh

Presented June 2016

Bridget Loudon

Presented August 2015

Catriona Wallace

Presented June 2014

Jenny Cayzer

Presented June 2018

Cate Hull

Presented August 2017 and February 2020

Prue Gilbert

Presented June 2015

Alison Hardacre

Presented June 2016

Tessa Court

Presented October 2015

Lauren Hall

Presented August 2015

and September 2018

Danielle Fletcher &

Naomi Lindermeyer

Presented February 2016

and November 2018

Julie Bray

Presented November 2017

Tess van der Rijt

Presented November 2019

Heidi Holmes & Lucy Lloyd

Presented February 2018

Kristy Chong

Presented February 2016

Noelle Sunstrom

Presented August 2011

Zoe Pointon & Marta Higuera

Presented November 2016

Theresa Lim

Presented June 2015

Claire Morris

Presented March 2019

Dion Oxley

Presented May 2017

Kim Westwood

Presented August 2019

Rebecca Wilson

Presented November 2017 and August 2016

Michaela Wessels

Presented November 2018

Pascale Heylar-Moray

Presented June 2012

Carolyn Mee

Presented June 2018

Deb Noller

Presented August 2015

and August 2017

Dr. Annie McAuley

Presented June 2019

Charlotte Petris

Presented March 2019

Susanna Cates

Presented October 2015

Lisa Schultz

Presented February 2018

Dr. Claire Jenkins

Presented June 2019

Renece Brewster

Presented May 2017

and March 2019

Gemma Lloyd

Presented November 2017

Jayne Shaw

Presented June 2019

Sonia Stephen

Presented August 2019

Presented March 2017

Katherine McConnell

Jess Ruhfus

Presented September 2018

Aivee Robinson & Angela Kwan

Presented November 2018

Dr Silvia Pfeiffer

Presented Nov 2011, June 2018

Head Over Heels Alumnae

Some Heads Over Heels Alumnae CEOs have had successful exits, some hold influential positions in corporate companies and all are powerful role models to other women entrepreneurs, as well as active Connectors at Heads Over Heels events.

Ann Bowering; SIM VSE

Bridget Farmer, Board Watch Alert

Caroline Rafferty, Track Me Back

Catherine Prosser, Stage Bitz

Erin Mulvey, Load Max

Fang Chen, Braingauge

Fiona AnsonAlli Baker, Job Getter

Ghazeleh Lyari, Ghermez Cupcakes

Helen Awali, Bookmarc

Jessica May, Enabled Employment

Mandy Sigaloff, Club QT

Mandi Gunsberger, Babyology

Lucie Trinco, Il Tutto

Liz Kaelin, Caitre'd

Kate Cass, Scan 2 List

Melanie Kansil, Customer Undergrond

Melissa Dean, &Able

Miranda Bond, Inika

Natalie Goldman, Flex Careers 

Natasha Rawlings, Streethawke

Nicole Billet, GCD

Nikki Haggar, Peeptoe

Noga Edelstein and Elke Keeley, Urban You

Rebekah Campbell, Posse

Valerie Dancan, Energy Action

Vanessa Wilson, Stor Reduce

Whitney Komor, The Best Day


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