Creating game-changing outcomes for outstanding female entrepreneurs leading growth ready companies through quality, personal, business connections.

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Outstanding Women Leading Growth Ready Companies

Heads Over Heels supports female entrepreneurs in growing their companies more quickly and efficiently by introducing them to our Connectors; prominent leaders in business, government and the community.

The process begins by carefully selecting outstanding women seeking to develop their businesses, and working closely with them to facilitate critical introductions to achieve this success.

Over time, these women, our Portfolio Company founders become positive role models themselves and help us to encourage other women to reach their goals.


Quality Personal

Business Connections

Our invited Connectors generously volunteer their time to attend events in Sydney and Melbourne and make their own personal networks available to our Portfolio Company CEOs, initiating conversations that can quickly lead to new markets, partnerships and expertise.

The Heads Over Heels model ensures these liaisons are highly targeted and strategic to maximise the impact the Connectors make.



Game-Changing Outcomes

Heads Over Heels has already helped almost 100 Portfolio Company CEOs achieve more than 3500 high-impact connections. This connectivity transforms companies and unleashes the potential of our growth-driven CEOs.

We are proud to have dozens of inspiring success stories that show how important our work is, and how effectively we deliver results that change lives.

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Heads Over Heels: The Power of Connections for Growth